1900 Douglas Street
V8T 4K8 Victoria BC


Paul’s Motor Inn is a landmark on Douglas Street in downtown Victoria. Completed in 1971 by local restauranteur Paul Arsens, the Motor Inn was built adjacent to Paul’s Restaurant & drive-in. The drive-in was Paul’s third Victoria restaurant when it opened 15 years earlier in 1956.

Construction begins at 1900 Douglas Street, future site of Paul's Drive-In

Paul's Drive-In opens with 24 parking spaces for car hop service and 20 spaces for restaurant service. The kitchen equipment is modern and completely electric-powered.

Billed as the largest of its kind in the world, Paul's 30 foot tall plastic sign could be seen up & down Douglas Street. Designed by Plexolite Plastics Ltd. Vancouver BC.

Paul was always up for doing something original and even received an award from the Newspaper Advertising Executives Association for one of his “gimmicks”.

Phoned by hundreds of Victorians about a billboard of his that was hung upside down, he said “Proves their noticing it. If they keep watching, they’ll notice it will change every three months. Sideways, after upside down, and then finally right side up. It’s on a swivel.”

Paul Arsens in front of Paul's Restaurant

Paul takes 33 of his employees on an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas, Disneyland & San Francisco - the first of many staff trips

Paul Arsens marries Arthura (Artie) Morrison

Paul's Motor Inn - built & opened

Courtyard addition opens. Designed by Tony Burkart, this tranquil space is a unique addition to the Motor Inn.

Upstairs Lounge constructed & opened (Now the Copper Owl)

Paul & Artie Arsens purchase Laurel Point Inn from Delta Hotels Ltd. (Now Inn at Laurel Point)

Paul Arsens (77) passes away

Artie Arsens (94) passes away

Paul's Restaurant undergoes renovations

Paul's Motor Inn undergoes renovations